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MC 103 - Ch 3 (Submitting)

The best time to submit TBWD is about three (3) weeks before the due date.
If your due date is close to a long weekend or a busy week, you should try to time the delivery so that when the Officer receive the TBWD from the courthouse, it is very close to the long weekend period.

It takes:
  1. the courthouse to receive your TBWD
    • one week by mail
    • Or, if the due date is way before (i.e. one month away from) a long weekend, you might want to turn in TBWD in person so that you can turn it in two (2) days before the due date.
      REMEMBER: Serve your document properly!
  2. one week for the courthouse to handle your TBWD
  3. one week to send your TBWD and TR-210 to the Officer
  4. one month for the Officer to file his TBWD
    (Note: you should calculate the timing so that the long weekend or busy week period is at the beginning of this one month)
  5. one week for Judge to make decision
  6. one week for courthouse to mail out the TR-215 (Notice Of Decision)

The followings are the long weekends:
The followings are the busy weeks:

Don't Forget: