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MC 102 - Ch 3 (During)

  The day before your arraignment:
  1. Double check the content inside the LARGE envelop
  2. Double check the date/time/location/Department # of your arraignment against the court letter
  3. Bring a checkbook with you
  4. Bring the LARGE envelop with you
  The following should occurs in order during your arraignment:
  1. Before the arraignment time, everyone wait outside the courtroom at Department #XX
  2. You should check for the date/time, your name (Defendant's name), case number, and Judge name on the roll sheet which is attached right outside the courtroom. If you cannot find the roll sheet, it should be right outside the Traffic Clerk office. You should check it against your arraignment letter from the court.
  3. If your name is not on the roll sheet, you must tell the traffic court clerk immediately.
  4. At the arraignment time, the court Officer will ask everyone to walk into the courtroom and be seated.
  5. The Judge will inform everyone (the "Defendant") their rights.
  6. Then, the Judge will begin calling the first Defendant on the roll. Defendant will have to walk up and stand in front of the Judge.
  7. At the same time, the Judge may offer to reduce fine if Defendant plea "Traffic School".
    If you have already sent in the "Written Not Guilty Plea" letter, don't enter the plea again.
    If you don't want to contest this ticket, you should plea "Traffic School".
  8. Defandent may show any required documents to the Judge such as Proof of Insurance and DMV Registration.
  9. The Judge will request Defendant to enter a plea such as "Traffic School", "Not Guilty", or "Guilty".
    At this moment, tell the Judge that:
    • you have already submitted the Written Not Guilty plea letter, and show him the copy and its Return Receipt
    • you have already posted bail
    • you have already requested for TBWD, and you will be submitting TBWD
  10. You must ask for the due date of TBWD
  11. Before you leave, you must take the document from the clerk who sits next to the Judge.