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MC 102 - Ch 1 (Requesting)

If your court appearance is OPTIONAL, do NOT setup an arraignment.
But, you are still required to pass the MC 102 Exam.

If your court appearance is MANDATORY, you must do the followings:
Refer to RoadMap Day 40 at the very left hand side.
You will have to:
  1. At least ten (10) days before your court appearance (or Arraignment) date, mail your Written Not Guilty plea letter along with request for TBWD and a bail check payment to the courthouse so that you don't have to plea during an Arraignment:

    If you plea Not Guilty during an Arraignment, the Judge may assign a court trial date, and you may not be able to do TBWD where TBWD will increase your chance of winning.
  2. Request for an Arraignment by phone, or personal visit.
  3. At the same time, request for a language translator for your Arraignment:
    • If English is not your native language, you should request for a translator for your language even your English is good. No one cares about translation, however, if the translator does not show up for any reason, the Judge has to continue the case at another date/time, or dismiss it.
    • If English is your native language, but you speak a second language fluently, you should still request for a translator for that second language, and hoping that the translator has trouble showing up.
  4. You should receive a letter of the court with the date/time/locaiton (Department #) of your Arraignment.
  5. Prepare all of the required documents depends on your situation such as:
    • A letter with the date/time/location of your Arraignment
    • A copy of the Written Not Guilty plea letter
    • Return Receipts of any documents/letters/papers you sent to the courthouse
    • Any repair receipts
    • Proof of Insurance
    • Proof of Registration
    • Driver License
    • Proof of purchase of anything
    • Cell phone bills
    • Letter from some Authorities
    • and, etc.
  6. Keep everything in one LARGE envelop, and keep the LARGE envelop in one place at all time!
  7. Attend your Arraignment, and mention to the Judge that you have already submitted the Written Not Guilty plea letter. Show the Judge that you have your Return Receipt from your mailing of your Written Not Guilty plea.