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For Defendant (You):

Form #NameDescriptionsDownload
N/AAll Form(s) from State Of CaliforniaSelect "Trafic Infractions". You are responsible to make sure the form is valid and the latest!here
FL-335Proof Of Service By MailYour friend who serve your IDR and TBWD should fill and sign this form after the letter is
TR-205Trial By Written Declaration (TBWD)N/Ahere
TR-215Notice Of DecisionThe Judge decision for your TBWDhere
TR-220Request For Trial de NovoIf you were found GUILTY in TR-215 (Notice Of Decision), you will have to request for a new court trial in
TR-225Order Notice Of Trial de NovoAfter you sent out TR-220, you will receive a letter like this form. It informs you the court
CFC formChallenge For Cause (CCP 170.3)N/A(coming soon...)
In the mean time, here is the example.
PC formPeremptory Challenge (CCP 170.6)N/A[PDF]

For Officer:

Form #NameDescriptionsDownload
TR-210Notice And Instructions To Arresting OfficerN/Ahere
TR-235Officer's DeclarationN/Ahere