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Informal Discovery Request (IDR) WARNING:
Mr. MC do NOT recommend doing IDR !!!
There are no legal forms for this.
For speeding ticket measured by RADAR or LIDAR
(i.e. VC 22350 (<=65 mph), or VC 22349 (>65 mph)), or VC 22356 (>70mph)
For speeding ticket measured by pacing
(i.e. VC 22350 (<=65 mph), or VC 22349 (>65 mph))
For Rolling Stop (i.e. VC 22450) [View]
For Any Tickets [View]
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[Download All]
Trial By Written Declaration (TBWD TR-205) WARNING:
You MUST use Form TR-205 to submit your TBWD !!!
For Carpool Violation (i.e. VC 21655) [View]
For Illegal Turn (i.e. VC 22101) [View]
For Speeding above 65 mph (i.e. VC 22349) [View]
[View All]
[Download All]
Motion for Change of Venue to County Seat [View]
Motion to Suppress Evidence [View]
Motion for Disqualification
(i.e. Peremptory Challenge CCP 170.6)
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Trial By Written Declaration
For Speeding below 65 mph (i.e. VC 22350) [View PDF]
For Illegal Headlamp & Signal Lights (i.e. VC 25950 and VC 25951) [View PDF]
Motion for Disqualification For Cause (i.e. CCP 170.3) [View PDF]
Notice Of Decision
TR-215 [View PDF]