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About Us has been providing services for the California traffic ticket fighters since March 2008. Prior to that, the Founder (Mr. MC) has already beat three (3) tickets: one for himself, and two for his friends.

Later on, Mr. MC found that there are many websites that charge people to fight their traffic tickets, or websites with poor contents, and there are many traffic tickets issued each month unfairly, Mr. MC then started this website to encourage more people to fight their traffic tickets.

About Mr. MC - Mr. MC at 10 years old
Mr. MC at his age of 10

Mr. MC was born in Hong Kong, and he came to California at 17. He attended high school at St. Lawrence Academy as Junior (Santa Clara, CA) and Monta Vista High School as Senior (Cupertino, CA), and he graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. degree in Computer Science. He then became a Software Engineer at Silicon Valley.

It was around February 2006, Mr. MC received a traffic ticket on Westbound E. Millbrae Ave. (-x- Rollins Rd.) where he made an illegal U-Turn into the gas station where IN & OUT fast food restaurant located. Surprisingly, he paid his $200 traffic ticket and also attended traffic school level one since he did not know anything about fighting a ticket. He did not even know that he could have setup and attended an arraignment to get his fine reduced. Then, within 18 months period, he received another traffic ticket, it was for speeding at 63 mph over 45 mph zone on Northbound Foothill Expwy near Los Altos, CA. He was very frustrated since he could not afford to have his insurance to go up. So, he spent three weeks researching online, and buying and studying a few books online. It turned out that there is Michael Pelletier's websitethat inspired him, and one excellent book ("Fight Your Ticket & Win in California" by David Brown Attorney) that educated him.

He then tried to call the Los Altos Police Department to find out the Officer's name and the Police Chief's name, and sent them an Informal Discovery Request letter. Surprisingly, the receptionist at the Los Altos Police Department told him that the Commissioner Stephen Yep at the Palo Alto Courthouse has been dismissing many speeding tickets at the Los Altos area due to the lack of a valid Engineering & Traffic Survey. This has been reported by the San Jose Mercury News on June 21, 2007. So, after my letter has been received by the Chief Police Officer at Los Altos Police Department, he merely filed a document at the Palo Alto Courthouse, and my ticket was dismissed.