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MC 101 - Ch 1 (Avoiding a Citation)

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Pay attention to your surroundings

Pay attention to cops who are usually:

  • driving at your blind spots
  • hiding at a stop sign where you cannot see them, but they can see you rolling the stop clearly
  • at the ramps of any freeway entrance where they can see you clearly
  • under the shadow of a tree or a bridge where you cannot see them, but they can see you clearly
  • etc

Pay attention to the all road signs.

Pay attention to the cars and pedestrians around you.

  • Never rush to a place. Allow enough time. Set your watch or clock 15 mins earlier.
  • Plan your trip
  • Rest well so you can see well
Never speed at 25 MPH zone25 MPH zones are school zone, "local street", senior citizen facility, and etc. These tickets are very hard to beat.
  • Use your cruise control and set the speed at 25 MPH
  • Switch to a lower gear: "L", "2" with automatic transmission, or 2nd gear with manual transmission.
Never talk on the phone
  • Never touch your phone
  • Never look for your phone
If you really have to, do this before touching your phone:
  1. Check your surroundings (front, back, left, right, and blind spots) for cops and other cars
  2. Never hold up your phone, and never look for or look at your phone
  3. Continue to pretend that you are only driving so that no one around you figures that you are touching your phone and about to talk on the phone
  4. Turn on the speaker of your cell phone, and put your cell phone nearby, but don't keep touching it
Never be obviousIf you are being too obvious, you are obviously going to be cited if you violate any traffic laws.
  • Always drive behind a car with a safe distance. If you want to pass it, look for the next car to shield your car. You have to keep looking for the next car to shield your car from the front or the side.
  • Always slow down going downhills. The cops are always waiting with their RADAR guns down there.
  • Never drive on the fastest lane for too long if you are speeding. Say no more than 20 seconds or 1/4 mile. Change to the slower lane afterwards. Then, use the fast lane to pass only. In this way, the cop will have a hard time to pace your speed. Also, you will have more chance to check your rear and blind spots.