Do your new set of tires need certificate or insurance ?

Say you need a set of new tires. You shopped at America’s Tire or Wheel Works. The sales person ask you to buy the insurance (certificate) for all four tires. The certificate will cover any damage to the tire. Say, your tire has a nail in it, and if they cannot repair it, with the insurance, the tire company will pay for your tire. But here are the catches:

Some tires have a shorter life span. For example, those tires for the sport cars has 15000-20000 miles. Say, after 1000 miles of use, you got a nail in your new tire, and they cannot fix it since the nail is at the edge of the tire, according to the insurance, they will pay for your tire. But, the problem is that if you don’t have the insurance, they will still give you the credit to buy the new tire since it has only 1000 miles on it. It is suppose to have 14000 to 19000 more miles. You will get at least 80% of the credit for the new tire. So, in this case, those insurance is useless, and its too expensive.

Your certificates are for all four tires. But, once you chance a tire, most likely, you will change a pair of tires, both front tires, or both rear tires, or all four tires. That means, you will have to re-purchase all four new insurance (certificate) for all four tires. You bought four insurances for all four tires for one tire only. Those insurance is expensive, about 10%-15% of the tire cost.

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