Don’t run the red, it could be fatal at most time ! – By Mr. MC

Last Friday, I left work early for a doctor’s appointment. As I was driving towards Hwy 101 Northbound entrance from Trimble Rd westbound, San Jose, CA, I saw two car already crashed. One small pickup truck had been flipped over, and it hit a light pole, and stopped. Another Lexus RX300 also hit the pole, and stopped, but not flipped.
I believe one of them ran the red light, and as they collide, the lighter pickup flipped over. I think it was fatal since the top of the pickup had been 50% damaged, and collapsed. The Lexus RX300 seems to be fine since only the front has been folded.
I used to run the yellow a lot, but I recently started to run the first half second of the red light. After I saw this accident, I know I must not run the red, or the yellow.

Mr. MC
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