Avoid being rear ended, leave more room for the back – By Mr. MC

This morning, while I was on Hwy 101 southbound in San Jose, CA exiting onto Trimble Rd, there was a long line on that circular freeway exit. For most exiting drivers, they will just follow the line closely, but if one does not leave enough room for the back, what if the driver at the back could not stop on time ? That freeway exit is pretty dangerous. The reason is that 50 feet before that exit, there were cars also entering into the freeway from Trimble Rd at an accelerating speed, so, the safely exit, one has to merge right between those accelerating cars, then, immediately slow down to a complete stop when the exit line is extremely long. It is always long during busy hours.

I have a habit of leaving two car spaces between my car and the front. I would wait for the car from the back to show up, and when it approaches and if it could does not have enough room to slow down to a complete stop, I then have at least two car spaces to advance forward, and therefore, I create more room for the car to slow down safely. This morning, I also realized that the car in my front was also dong the same thing. A very smart and safe driving habit. I think this is part of defensive driving behavior.

Mr. MC
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