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What if you never received the Courtesy Notice Letter after receiving a ticket ?

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

There are cases where you receive a traffic ticket, signed it, but the courthouse never mail you the Courtesy Notice letter.

When this happens, always call or visit the courthouse and give them your Citation number from your ticket, and ask for the status.

There is an “Appearance Date/Time/Location” on your ticket, and since you have signed the ticket, you did PROMISE to appear on or before that Appearance Date/Time/Location.

If you don’t handle this, the courthouse may issue a warrant to have the police arrest you. It is also possible that they did not, and after a few years, you could still contest this ticket, but, I recommend you take care of this instead of waiting for the warrant. Trust me, it’s a good idea.

When you call or visit the courthouse, don’t tell the clerk that you want to contest the ticket, just say that you need more time pay for it.

Otherwise, the clerk will ask you to post bail or attend an Arraignment which is not the best way to contest a ticket.

Make sure you get some kind of paper, receipt from the courthouse to prove that you did appeared at the courthouse before the Appearance Date/Time/Location. It’s important!!!!

If the clerk tells you that there is no such record of your citation, still, get some paper or document from that clerk to prove that you were there. Otherwise, you have no proof later on.

Keep checking with the courthouse. The clerk always make mistakes, and their mistakes will cause you a lot of trouble if you don’t handle it right.

Mr. MC
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