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Rent a Tesla Roadster for USD$75 an hour – By Mr. MC

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

My friend introduced me this website, Getaround, where I can rent a USD$120K Tesla Roadster for USD$75 per hour or $900 per day. I think it’s a cool idea to rent this for an hour or two hours on your birthday. Take some photos, and have fun ! You don’t have to be rich to drive one.

Then, they also have BMW 328i Coupe for USD$15 per hour, and more.

Try it out….

Mr. MC
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California Fix-it Ticket – By Mr. MC

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

In the past, fixing a fix-it ticket in California is simpler and cheaper. Just fix whatever needed, and look for a cop on the street, and asked the cop to sign off your ticket, then, visit the court and pay about USD$25.

I recently got a fix-it ticket, and it is a bit more trouble, and expensive (USD$15 more, total: USD40.00). To fix it:

  1. Fix whatever needed on the car.
  2. Visit a police station during their office hours, pay USD$15, and an officer will check on your car with those fixed items. An officer will sign off your ticket at the back. The cops no longer check this on the field or street.
  3. Mail the signed ticket to the court, and pay an extra USD$25.

Here are my advices:

  • Call the police station to find out if they handle fix-it ticket or not. Ask for their office hours and address. Also, ask for all required documents before you go there. Avoid large city’s police station since they are always business.
  • Make copies for all documents:

    Notice To Appear (fix-it ticket)

    Courtesy Notice Letter (fix-it ticket)

    Court Receipt (fix-it ticket)
  • Pay by personal check only
  • Always ask for a receipt. Don’t leave without a receipt !

Mr. MC
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