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I love the Garmin GPS – By Mr. MC

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Having a GPS is great, so far, I notice the following advantages:

  • Save Time & Money – no more maps, or getting unclear road directions from strangers. Most GPS devices are around US$100.
  • Save Gas – shortest path, and therefore, it saves you gas
  • Drive Safer – you no longer staring at the road map or on the phone for direction while driving
  • Live Traffic Reports – some GPS has live traffic reports, and you can avoid traffic instantly, and moreover, you no longer get lost after you get into a small and unknown street.

I also notice the following disadvantages:

  • No Use of Brain – GPS can remember you home, office, and many other addresses. No need to remember anything.
  • Chance for Break In – With your GPS on the dashboard, in some bad areas, people will break into your car for the GPS, and other valuables.

Mr. MC
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Car accident due to unsafe lane change (CVC 21658) – By Mr. MC

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Last Sunday, while I was going from San Jose, CA to Cupertino, CA on northbound Hwy 280, there was an accident around Wolfe Rd exit. It had already happened when I arrive the scene. I could see a 1997 Honda Accord at the emergency lane with its front facing the oncoming cars (southbound), and a 2005 Mercedes C230 with its left front damaged bumper at the most right between the Wolfe exit, and the slowest lane at the right. From my experience, it seems like someone had an unsafe lane change at a high speed, perhaps, the Honda Accord did, and while one car is merging into the freeway, and the other is trying to exit from the freeway, if the Honda Accord slowed down suddenly, the Mercedes would have rear ended the Accord. That’s my observation. The CHP may issue an unsafe lane change ticket (CVC 21658) to one of the driver.

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Cops hiding after midnight in Cupertino, CA to catch driver who ran the STOP sign (CVC 22450) – By Mr. MC

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Last night around 12:30 AM (Monday), I was driving on northbound Bubb Rd towards Stevens Creek Blvd. There were many STOP signs outside JFK Junior High, and while I never miss any of those, I realized there was a police SUV hiding 200 feet away perpendicularly on Hyannisport Drive in the dark. Unless you were on Hyannisport Drive, you probably will not notice that after you passed the STOP. Hopefully, you did STOP completely like I did. Otherwise, you will get a ticket for violating CVC 22450.
I know that some cops do that, and they do it as late as 3 AM.

Who knows where they are hiding now!

Mr. MC
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Rainy, wet road, driving and using cruise control may lose control and spin 360 degrees – By Mr. MC

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

An ex-coworker of mine has a Lexus ES300. It was on a rainy day, and she was driving on north Hwy 101 from Gilroy, CA towards San Jose, CA. She was driving at a safe and reasonable speed at around 65 MPH using her cruise control at the most right lane (slowest lane). The road was wet and it was raining. When she has reached Hwy 85 northbound entrance, she suddenly lose control of the car, and it just begins spinning in 360 degrees. Braking does not work but it merely turn off the cruise control system. The car kept on spinning 360 degrees from the right all the way to the left most emergency lane, and stopped. Luckily, no one was hurt, and she did not hit any other cars. Her rear bumper on the side has a little damage, but it was okay.

I believe this was caused by a thin layer of water on the highway (Hwy 101) during rainy days. It will cause the wheels to float onto such thin layer of water, and the driver will lose control suddenly if cruise control is on. Otherwise, if the driver merely release the gas and applies no brake and no steering, and just let the car go forward naturally, the car may still lose a bit of control shaking left and right no more than a feet, but this should only last for less than 5 seconds. And, that was my (Mr. MC) experience at least.

So, I suggest drivers no to use any cruise control during rainy days.

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AAA Plus membership for $89 a year – By Mr. MC

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

This morning, I renewed my AAA Plus membership for US$89 a year with only one membership card. Since I have a few old cars, I do need this membership in case one of the old breaks down. AAA truck drivers are very friendly, and professional. For most of the time, they arrive within 45 minutes, or sometimes as fast as 15 minutes. AAA Plus has 100 miles of towing which is handy when you are too far away from your favorite mechanics. After 100 miles, it is about $6 per mile. There is a limit, one may only use no more than three times for any emergency calls. By the way, I did not receive any fees from AAA to advertise here. I just appreciate their fast services. One guy changed my flat tire in less than 10 minutes. If I were to change it, it will take 30 minutes, and I will end up with dirty oily fingers.
Anyway, if you drive an old car, I recommend you to join AAA.

Mr. MC
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