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Beat your traffic tickets at the traffic court trial with dirty tricks – By Mr. MC

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

So, first of all, most Defendants lose their traffic court case at the trial for many reasons.
But, if you follow my dirty tricks, you will have a better chance to win.
No matter which traffic law you have violated, these tricks will increase your chance of winning.

Trick #1:
Never setup a trial in the first place. Always do Trial By Written Declaration (TBWD). There is need to visit the court for a trial, you just need to download a PDF form, fill it out, and mail it to the court a few weeks before the due date.

Trick #2:
Turn in your TBWD, and request for Informal Discovery Request (IDR) for your Trial de Novo (TDN) at the same time.

Trick #3:
If you lose at your TBWD, request for TDN immediately which is an appeal court trial. This time, you do need to visit the court for this.

Trick #4:
Three weeks before the TDN date, request to dismiss your TDN Judge via Peremptory Challenge.

Trick #5:
Three weeks before the TDN date, request for a court certified language translator for your first language if English is your 2nd language.

Trick #6:
Three weeks before the TDN date, write to the Judge that you have a work related training, or scheduled vacation, that you request for Continuance, and change the TDN date.

Trick #7:
At the court, and before your TDN trial begin, if both Officer and translator show up, you may tell the translator that you are sick, and would like to re-schedule. Say that you cannot proceed at the trial.

Trick #8:
If the Judge does not allow you to go sick, mention to the Judge that you have filed Peremptory Challenge and therefore, the Judge is dismissed, and your TDN will be re-scheduled with another Judge.

Trick #9:
If trial begins, mention that your Peremptory Challenge right has been violated, and mention that your right for Discovery has also been violated if you receive incomplete response from your IDR.

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Mr. MC
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If you react slower than other drivers, don’t horn at those who react quickly! – By Mr. MC

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Yesterday morning, I was on northbound Lawrence Expwy towards Central Expwy eastbound. I was on the second lane from the right, and when I tried to merge into the right lane for Central Expwy eastbound, I sped up, signaled, almost tailgated the car in front of me, and merged. When I was half way done with the merge, the car in front of me suddenly turned on the right turn signal light, and attempted to merge as well. Since I was half way done, and I was tailgating the car, that driver horned at me, and thinks that I cut into his lane or something. But, the thing is that I was half way done, and I was the first one signaled. If he did not first check it bind spot, he should not have signaled, or got scared by my car which was right at his blind spot, it’s not my fault. That driver should have checked for blind spot, and signaled earlier! Well, the police officer may issue me an unsafe lane change ticket – CVC 21658, and it may cost USD $300. But, I will denied to have violated any traffic law, and insist that “I was driving safely ! Request for County Seat, and fight this via Trial By Written Declaration, and beat the ticket !”

Mr. MC
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An old guy was driving without headlight in front of me – By Mr. MC

Monday, May 16th, 2011

So, today while I was driving northbound of De Anza Blvd from Stevens Creek Blvd towards Sunnyvale, CA direction, an SUV in front of me has no headlights on. I then realize the driver was an old man (60 years old) with his wife. I tried to drive in front of him, and turn off my headlights to notify him, and it did not work. His car is totally invisible when I was in front of him. I could see people cut in front of him without realizing that they almost collide into each other during the lane change. If this old man get caught by a police officer, he would be cited with CVC 24250, and this ticket should be around $300 – $350 in year 2011.

Mr. MC
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Almost got rear-ended after quickly changing lane on freeway (Hwy 880) – By Mr. MC

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

I hope that won’t happen to any of us. Last Friday, I was driving on Hwy 880 northbound (merged from Hwy 280 San Jose, CA) towards Hwy 101 northbound. Around the Coleman Ave (San Jose International Airport) entrance, a Honda Civic signaled, and within 10 seconds, merged right in front of me at a slower speed of 55 MPH while I was driving at 80+ MPH. That driver never checked the speed of the oncoming cars from behind, and cut right in front of me. So, I realized that I could do one thing for an experiment which is to speed up from 80+ MPH to 90+ MPH. Not at my surprise, that guy immediately merged back to his original lane, and gave me a middle finger. WTF ? I should be the one giving him my finger. Many drivers had gave me fingers from the past months, heh huh.. I hope he learned his lesson. What an ignorant driver he is ?! If I really rear-ended him, I can argue that he cut in front of me suddenly, and has caused an accident.

Mr. MC
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Feeling the pressure from a lawsuit – By Mr. MC

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I have been sued by someone in an accident. And, I have been served with the Summon, and other legal documents. I can now understand how it feels to be served, and to be sued. Although I might not be liable for the accident, I still have to take time to recover all the data, information, facts, and etc to response to some of the Discover request. This is what people called an emotional distress.

This applies to drivers who receive traffic tickets even though the amount of financial responsibilities are low, less than US$1000, you still have to take time to work on that. Imagine the Citing Officer received your Trial By Written Declaration during a long weekend, he would feel the pressure since he may not want to take time to work on the response of your TBWD.

Mr. MC
The Founder of